Sunday, April 25, 2010

Autumn Cooking

Today I was on a mission to make up for a recent 'baking drought'. If you're lucky enough to live in Tassie, then walnuts and quinces are readily available and these 2 ingedients were the main focus of today's baking marathon. Because they are 2 of my favourite ingredients, I decided to name my new blog after them.
So enjoy!


  1. Ooooh! First ever blog attempt. I'm so Web 2.0 - thanks Angela!

    Just wondering if you've used the walnuts from work? Thought I might attempt some pickled walnuts - any ideas?

  2. Hi Katie
    Yes I did use the walnuts from work - delicious! I've never tried to pickle walnuts, in fact I'd never heard of them until I came to Tassie! I'm told they are delicious but they look terrible!

  3. They're amazing with cheese! Sadly, I got my hands on to a good recipe and you have to pick the walnuts while they are still black (about a week before Christmas). There goes that idea for another year! Hopefully I'll remember in December and you will see the delight that is a black pickled ball of yumminess!

  4. I can't wait! I think you will probably be busy picking walnuts around the time we go to the Agrarian Kitchen. Maybe we can quiz Rodney Dunn on how to pickle walnuts!!