Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hobart's Farmgate Market

This morning I went to the Farmgate Market to get some fresh veggies.  I'm always tempted to buy too much, but as there is only the 2 of us - a little restraint is necessary!  I love wandering around this little market which is still quite small but will hopefully grow as people realise the benefit of buying local and talking to the producers.  Heading into winter, there isn't as much fresh produce but there was still plenty of food - freshly baked loaves of bread, steaming soup, cheese, sausages etc were all on offer.  There was also a good range of small native plants and herbs.  For me, it's a nice way to spend a Sunday morning!  Matthew Evan's was there selling his gourmet pork products - which looked delicious!   But for today I ended up with some lovely baby carrots, pak choy and quince cheese.  Quince Cheese comes from the Bruny Island Cheese Company and is delicious with crusty bread and ...cheese! Now I'm off to create a ploughman's lunch so I can devour my favourite fruit - Quince - in yet another way!  Bon apetit!

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